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I forgot my password, what to do?
If you do not remember your password, just click on 'Login' and 'I forgot my password', entering the access email you used when registering in our store. A message will be sent with the new access password in your email. If you have not yet received your new password, check the spam blocker and junk email from your email account.
How do I buy on the site?
1- Registration: On the first purchase, click on 'Register' and fill in the requested fields. At the end of this step, click on 'Send' 2- Navigate the site: You can navigate through the categories displayed in the main menu of the store. By finding the item you want you will be directed to the product page. Then click 'Buy'. 3- Shopping cart: Select the quantity of products you want to purchase and inform the zip code of your residence to calculate the value of the freight and delivery times. On this page you can also enter a discount coupon code or purchase coupon, if any. At the bottom of the page, confirm your purchase by clicking 'Next' and the next page, choose the delivery method and the payment method.
How do I change my registration information?
To change your registration information, click 'Login' located in the upper right corner of the site and use your login and password to access the Customer Center. Click on 'Change Registration' to edit your delivery and / or billing addresses, contact phone number and registration email. Click 'Change Password' to change your access password.
How do I register on the site?
Click 'Sign Up' located in the upper right corner of the site's home page and fill in the requested fields. At the end of this step, click 'Submit'. After registering, you will receive an email confirming your access. Remember your login and password, you will use them whenever you buy on our site.
It's safe to buy
 uses data encryption technology so that the transaction of your information is always safe. All data processed during purchase is managed in a secure and encrypted environment.
I want to cancel the receipt of promotional emails, how do I?
You can cancel the receipt at any time through the unsubscribe link in each email.
How to receive promotional emails?
By registering on our website, you can choose whether or not you want to receive information and promotions emails. To receive our submissions, please register your e-mail in the newsletter form, on the homepage of our website.

Can I be fined?
Because you can not be fined for having a sports exhaust!
In the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) there is nothing to report on sports exhausts.
Since there is no law to this end, fines can not be imposed simply because they have exhaust.
The law states that the characteristics of the vehicle can not be modified.
Article 230, VII - Driving the vehicle with the color or altered characteristic - This fine has the value of R $ 195,23 - It is a serious fine and the administrative measure is the retention of the vehicle for regularization.
However, the sports exhaust does not change the characteristics of the vehicle because it plays the same role, it has visual and sound differences, usually with nobler materials, many of which improve the performance of the vehicle, but the function of driving the engine gases out of and safe way is the same.
With that it can not be said that the car or motorcycle had modified characteristic. Therefore the fine for this reason is undue.
We even have the CONAMA Resolution nº 252/1999 in Article 5, paragraph 1 verses:
"Exhaust systems, or part thereof, may be replaced by similar systems provided that the new noise levels do not exceed the levels originally obtained and declared by the vehicle manufacturer.

Check your state's legislation
Check Your Country's Legislation

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