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Please read carefully all the items from contract before using the site www.mexxescapamentos.com By browsing and using the site you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth herein, the terms presented herein may be modified, added and / or removed at any time without prior notice, it is recommended that it be always checked before using the Site. Users under 18 years of age may only register or register on this site provided they are duly represented or assisted, as provided in art. 1.634 and 1.690 of the civil code, by their representatives or legal assistants, who must be responsible in the civil sphere for any and all acts done by minors when using the site. the legal representatives will be liable for any and all unlawful acts practiced by minors when using the site. It is expressly recommended to print and read in detail all the terms set forth herein.   SECURITY FOR YOUR PURCHASE To protect all your data. Www.mexxescapamentos.com counts on the main security systems: SSL security certificate. The certificate guarantees that all your personal data such as delivery address, credit card data and order history will never be disclosed. This technology also prevents the traffic of information from being accessed by hackers and intruders. Www.mexxescapamentos.com is concerned with the privacy and security of your transactions, since both www.mexxescapamentos.com and the User acknowledge that the Internet, as a worldwide computer network to which anyone can access, is not a completely safe medium. Therefore www.mexxescapamentos.com uses technical resources that aim to avoid or mitigate the risks inherent in the Internet. On the other hand, in order to enhance security on the Site, www.mexxescapamentos.com emphasizes that certain acts, including, among others, use for illegal purposes, information or data corruption, violation of intellectual or author rights, threatening messages, racist or pornographic content, interference or interruption of the services provided by the Site and / or any attempt to spread any viruses or unwanted programs may result in immediate termination of any relationship between www.mexxescapamentos.com and the User, without prejudice of legal appropriations.   INFORMATION SHARING The www.mexxescapamentos.com will not sell, rent or transfer its data to third parties without its express and prior authorization, in writing. However, this information can be grouped and used internally as generic statistics, aiming to obtain a better understanding of the profile of users to improve the products and services offered on the site www.mexxescapamentos.com. However, some data will be collected, validated and filed in the database of CLEAR SALE and may be used to mitigate electronic fraud considering the analysis of the User profile, transaction history and information in the Bank 

of CLEAR SALE, applying the statistical model of propensity to fraud indicator by the risk analysis tables.
The www.mexxescapamentos.com does not oblige the User to provide any data. However, in the event that the User wishes to be involved in and / or participate in any promotional action of www.mexxescapamentos.com, some additional information may be requested from the User, which will be considered as voluntarily provided upon registration or registration of the User in the pertinent pages of this Site. www.mexxescapamentos.com points out that in order to have a fast anti-fraud analysis, the User must register using his / her true data and always make the payments using the same data of the cadastre, so our system can verify the authenticity of the data, compare them and immediately approve .
Of the 100% (one hundred percent) of the requests, here is the definition of deadline for response:
For 80% (eighty percent) of the total applications submitted the maximum average time will be 200 (two hundred) minutes, from the order entry in the ClearSale system.
For 18% (eighteen percent) of orders, the maximum average time will be 48 hours, because they are highly critical orders or because of the difficulty of contact and confirmations with the customer.
For the remaining 2% (2%) of the orders, the maximum time will be 72 (seventy-two hours).

Www.mexxescapamentos.com will not collect or maintain the Online Data of persons under the age of 18 without the express consent and authorization of their parents or legal representatives, except in certain circumstances legally permitted and described in this Policy, and the parents or representatives shall be solely responsible in the civil sphere for any and all acts practiced by minors while viewing and / or using this Site.
The User agrees that it will provide true information, and acknowledges that www.mexxescapamentos.com is under no obligation to verify the accuracy of the Data transmitted by the User or any other person. In this way, the User agrees that the content of the Data sent through this Site is entirely the responsibility of the one that sent it, or of its parents or legal representatives, when applicable, being www.mexxescapamentos.com totally exempt from responding for any consequences of these contents.
All advertising via E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp and Push will only be done with the consent of the user and can be deactivated at any time. The www.mexxescapamentos.com is totally against the use and sending of ads without previous authorization "SPAM". By registering on our site and accepting our terms and policies automatically you accept to receive promotions and announcements from www.mexxescapamentos.com.

All information contained in this site is the property of www.mexxescapamentos.com, therefore, they can not be altered, copied, extracted or in any way used without the previous and express written authorization on the part of www.mexxescapamentos.com. Thus, by accessing the website www.sportbay.com.br, the user is aware that the misuse of the information contained herein may lead to civil and criminal penalties.
The User agrees not to use the services provided on this Site to carry out any business or activity prohibited by law, or to request the performance of any business or activity prohibited by law. Www.mexxescapamentos.com reserves the right to prohibit the conduct, communications or content that considers, in its sole and absolute judgment, to violate any law or that is harmful to the individual users, companies and / or third parties included in this Site , or the rights of www.mexxescapamentos.com or third parties. Nevertheless, nothing in this clause should be considered an obligation of www.mexxescapamentos.com to individually monitor any communication made through this Site. Any such control shall be carried out by sampling, except in a specific case.
COOKIES www.mexxescapamentos.com The use of cookies is done to recognize a constant visitor and to improve the shopping experience. Cookies are small data files transferred from a web site to your computer's disk and do not store personal data. Throughout this process we keep your information in absolute secrecy. It is worth remembering that your data is registered by Sportbay.com.br in an automated way, dispensing with human manipulation.
Www.mexxescapamentos.com asks parents and / or legal representatives to help protect the privacy of their children or those under their responsibility, instructing them never to provide personal information on this Site or any other site , without prior knowledge and express permission of parents and / or legal representatives.
If you are under the age of 18, make sure you have read this Policy with your parents or legal representatives and that all of your content has been well understood and approved by you. Anyone under 18 years of age must obtain the express consent of their parents or legal guardians before providing their e-mail addresses or any Data to www.mexxescapamentos.com through this Site.
The User's right to rectify any Data sent to www.mexxescapamentos.com is hereby excluded. However, the right of rectification of the User shall not prevent or replace the right of www.mexxescapamentos.com to disqualify the User in all participations or acts performed through this Site, at the sole discretion of www.mexxescapamentos.com, as well as pleading the applicable damages in the case of erroneous information to cause any damages and / or damages to www.mexxescapamentos.com or to third parties. For the purposes of this Policy, any rectification of the Data by the User will only take effect after its actual receipt by www.mexxescapamentos.com.

The form of collection of this Data will be through registration made at the moment the User opts for the purchase of the products sold on the Site or if the User wishes to participate in any promotion that may be disclosed on the Site.
To receive any prize eventually granted by www.mexxescapamentos.com to a User under the age of 18, www.mexxescapamentos.com will request that the representative (not the minor) appear at the place of delivery of the prizes to receive them and provide certain information. For example, www.mexxescapamentos.com may request the postal address of the legal representative, to send to him the prize (s) that his son or person that he or she legally represents has won, or the number telephone number of the legal representative, to inform you of the date and place of receipt of a prize.
The User declares, acknowledges and accepts that (a) the current stage of the technique does not allow the elaboration of computer programs totally free of defects or defects and that, therefore, www.mexxescapamentos.com can not guarantee that the Site will operate without interruption or free from defects or defects; (b) the Site was not developed under the user's order, but for general use, which is why www.mexxescapamentos.com can not guarantee that it will meet any specific needs of the User; and (c) the Internet is a worldwide network of computers, to which anyone can have access and for that reason, is not a fully secure means of communication. In the event that the Internet is used by the User, www.mexxescapamentos.com shall not be liable in any case, either to the User or to third parties for damages of any kind, including, without limitation, those arising from the disclosure of information User to a third party or loss of data arising directly or indirectly from the use of the Internet by the User.
The User also agrees to exempt www.mexxescapamentos.com from any liability for damages resulting from the misuse of the Site, by the User and / or any third party, or that result from accident, modification or any other uncontrolled conduits and / or conditions by www.mexxescapamentos.com.
The User expressly acknowledges that the Site, as well as the logos, marks, insignia, photos, images, descriptions, texts, layout, symbols, distinctive signs, manuals and any other materials related to the Site constitute, copyrights, trade secrets and / or property rights of www.mexxescapamentos.com, such rights being protected by applicable national and international law, especially by the provisions contained in Laws 9.279 / 96, 9.609 / 98 and 9.610 / 98 and that you will not claim or claim at any time such property rights from www.mexxescapamentos.com as yours were.
Www.mexxescapamentos.com emphasizes that all images, banners and digital media of the Site as well as ads linked in other digital media are merely illustrative, thus making it clear that it is not responsible for any changes by the manufacturer in the products, such as color, accessories and other items.
Nothing on this Site shall be construed as transfer of rights. The User is expressly prohibited from reproducing, distributing, modifying, displaying, creating derivative works or any other form of use of this Site, including all its related material, other than its use by the User for knowledge of the products and services provided by www.mexxescapamentos.com, including participation in any promotional event.
In consideration of the protection of User's rights, it is hereby clarified and agreed that no ideas or suggestions related to products, services or any other work plans will be accepted, except when expressly requested and agreed in writing, in advance, with www.mexxescapamentos .with. Under current legislation, abstract ideas or concepts, plans and schemes are not protected in Brazil. In this way, the User declares, acknowledges and accepts that any transmission of ideas or concepts may be used by any third party, including by www.mexxescapamentos.com, for the purpose of developing and / or creating products using such information, without generating any obligation to compensate the User.
In the event any clause, term or provision of this Policy is declared void, such nullity shall not affect any other clauses, terms or provisions contained herein, which shall remain in full force and effect. The tolerance for www.mexxescapamentos.com with respect to any violation of this Policy or its omission in the exercise of any right granted by it, will not be considered as novation or waiver in respect of any future breach, whether similar or not, or to the exercise by www.mexxescapamentos.com of any future right confby this instrument.
These terms and conditions will be governed by Brazilian law and any controversy that may arise from the Internet access services provided by www.mexxescapamentos.com to the User will be submitted to the Forum of the District of the Capital of the State of Goiás with express waiver to any other.
Www.mexxescapamentos.com declares its satisfaction in having Users browsing its Website, but warns all Users that meet the above conditions in the use of this Site, in particular regarding any authorization necessary for the User under 18 years of age to navigate and provide Data securely on this Site.
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