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Improving the car's sports exhaust system is one of the priorities of the speed lover, as it stirs his senses. The set of components provides the desired performance gain, promotes the deepest sound for the snoring and guarantees the most imposing look for the exhaust, thanks to manufacturing with high standard materials and excellent finish.

The sport exhaust system as a whole consists of the exhaust manifold, downpipe, catback, intermediate damper and sport damper. Each part has been designed with the aim of ensuring the greatest flow of gases passing through the exhaust. This is essential for the sports set to generate more power and the most amplified sound for snoring. The system has as an optional accessory the attenuator for muffler, which reduces noise.

In addition, the excellent finish of the set makes the look of the car more attractive, with emphasis on the perfect design of the exhaust tips. The installation of the sports system also does not influence the increase in gasoline consumption, since the expense depends on the driving of each driver.

You can't be fined simply for having a sports exhaust on your car or motorcycle. The law says nothing about this, so modifying the exhaust is not prohibited.